Poetry from the womb ~ Dear Elder


Dear Elder

Your love is like the wind in my sails

Guiding my ship to the long lost place I call call home.

Like a hand placed gently on my back you buoy me,

hold me steady me through the storm

with truth, love and laughter.

You have been friend to countless people along the way,

and will touch the lives of many more,

without even knowing where the ripples end

from the stone of love you cast into the pool.

And now our paths have crossed I am just learning,

what it is to be, how I can be, how to give with love

and endless vitality…

How to shake off my identity,

Letting it flow from me.

Births deaths life,

You have seen it all a thousand times

The wisdom of your soul is rich

Woven and gathered from threads of a Miracle.

Magical coincidence, tears and laughter

The joys and blows of life,

Like the wind in our sails,

On the ever turning tides

Carrying us all home once more.


woman black


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