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20150124_170409Hello I’m Jane!

I’m a Menstrual cycle awareness workshop facilitator from the UK, founder of Woman’s Wheel, and a menstrual activist – In other words, I speak enthusiastically and openly about menstruation in attempt to make it less ‘taboo’ and ultimately something that is understood and valued.

After spending some time with Eco Femme in India (who are just one of the organisations out there making beautiful re-usable cloth pads) I became fully inspired by their environmental message. Now I am speaking out about the issue to help support the environment through raising awareness of menstrual waste, and talking about alternatives to using disposable pads and tampons.


I’m also a graduate of Alexandra Pope’s ‘The Way of the Menstrual Cycle’ apprenticeship training course. This work has helped me start to embrace and accept my own ever-changing cyclical nature, and to develop the skills to guide other women through similar processes. Click here for woman’s wheel my website dedicated to all things menstruation!

Our monthly Red Tent gathering for local women founded in May 2013 (thank you Amber for the inspiration Xx!) is like a ‘coming home’ for me. Here, in the company of some of the most extraordinary women I have had the fortune to meet, I feel in my element; sharing and discussing pertinent women’s issues. I feel a true sense of joy when engaged with this work, the moon in my womb is sparking away with so much creativity and fire.

Last year I became a student of homoeopathy (thanks Davida, you geniusXx!) and around the same time Miranda Gray certified me as a ‘Moon Mother’ able to give womb blessings and womb healing reiki style treatments.


Happily settled in North Wales, I live ‘the good life’ with my wonder-man vegan cook and author Lee in a little old stone cottage (nicknamed The Beach House). A home with an ocean view and some of the most spectacular sunsets in the world. A bolt-hole in the clouds! When I go out into nature here I feel instantly connected with these earthy wild celtic lands. Often we take to the road, to many places near and far and always come back richer and with a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us. Our vegan blog is well worth a visit for tasty healthy ideas…click here.

In the past I have learned head massage and aromatherapy, participated in heart circle retreats, women’s workshops, and yoga and relaxation classes. I have felt honoured to be in the empowering presence of such amazing women sharing their truth. The unique and incredible deep relationships weaved over just a few days often last for years. The love and compassion felt, and the support given is a true and beautiful experience. Often all this blossoms from being able to be present and to relax in a safe environment with like-minded people who encourage communication from the heart.


I feel that NOW is truly a time to be celebrating the feminine, each other, ourselves. And to celebrate earth, in all it’s richness, vitality and beauty.

The story of ‘the Moon and the Womb’ begins with my desire to share with you. The experiences, thoughts, inspirational influences that craft and form and unfold into this beautiful story celebrating the female. A story of new beginnings and collective old wisdom. With joy and love in our hearts, lets dance the glorious wild dance of the feminine together.


Contact me on themoonandthewomb@gmail.com and take a look at Woman’s Wheel for information on menarche menstrual activism and red tents!

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6 thoughts on “about jane

  1. Dear Jane, I just discovered your beautiful website by doing a Google Search for “Red Tent”. I work with a life coach and energy healer who recently told me about the Red Tent movement, so I am just now learning about this wonderful and necessary ‘gathering place’ for women everywhere. I wanted to ask you about the gorgeous artwork on your site. Is this your artwork? If so, do you sell prints of your work? I absolutely love it — so colorful, creative, and full of expression and emotion. Your entire site is great; I look forward to browsing around some more! love to you, Maureen

    1. Dear Maureen,

      Thanks so much for such a beautiful comment, it was really very kind! It’s great that you found the moon and the womb while searching for information on Red Tents.

      I really feel that it is our birth-right as women, to honour our sacred time with our sisters and I so wish we had grown up in a society where Red Tents were just the ‘norm’. if you search for Red Tent Directory on google you will find more groups maybe in your area? Our group is in North Wales… meeting tomorrow, hooray!

      As for the art-work, I really can’t take any credit for it – though I WISH I could! I am new to this and should really start developing the habit of writing the artist’s name beneath the picture as I find them. The Rassouli pictures are beautiful, as are Seema Kohli’s.

      Good Luck on your search, love Jane Xx

  2. Om to your heart sister. Nothing much to say than I feel you and thanking the universe that you met Alex. She has been an inspiration to rising of the feminine. I look forward to hanging out with you on your blog.
    Ps- great pictures too 🙂

    1. Hey lovely FreeFlowFoodie 🙂
      Thanks for beautiful message and for celebrating the wonderful Alexandra 🙂 It’s lovely to meet you on here 🙂
      Love to you sister Xx

    1. Hi Liz,

      Im sorry I didn’t reply sooner – we have been in India with no computer!

      As for Valoru’s details I just dont know how to get hold of them – you see all the images I searched for have just been on google and places like that…

      Soooo beautiful though!

      Good luck with your quest!

      Love Jane Xx

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