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a practice of compassion


In Buddhist teaching the symbol for compassion is one moon shining in the sky. The moon does not demand “If you open to me I will do you a favour and shine on you.” The moon just shines. The point is not to want to benefit anyone or make them happy. There is no audience involved, no “me” and “them.” It is a matter of an open gift, complete generosity without the relative notions of giving and receiving. -Chogyham Trungpa Rinpoche.

Here is a little something I want to share with you – a secret kindness practice that I heard about one day. It can be done anywhere; any time you see suffering, sadness, or confusion. It is based on the beautiful thought that we can always send out goodness kindness and loving energy, and that compassion towards others really has a positive effect on them, and on the whole world. First, sit quietly in a peaceful place where you know you will not be disturbed, and close your eyes. Imagine that there is a beautiful still lake in your heart. It can be golden, misty, hazy, there may be mountains surrounding it, stars, the moon reflecting over the glassy surface, but it is completely still and peaceful and safe and just so so beautiful. You are now connected with this everlasting lake of healing and cleansing, and it is here that you will visit when you want to practice loving kindness.


When you next see pain; whether it be family, friends, work colleagues, it could be a stranger on the train; calmly observe the situation you are witnessing. Silently and from your heart, send out a loving intention that you want to help the person or situation. Then take a moment to really try to understand their pain. Imagine the circumstances of this person’s life that could be causing them to act this way. Slowly breathe the pain into the divine and beautiful lake. Allow it to gently float, as it is transformed and cleansed in the soft golden haze. As you send it out with your mind and your heart right back to that situation or person, take a moment to really feel the love within your body.

It really is incredible what a huge and endless capacity we have to love. The act of sending loving positive intentions thoughts or prayers for those we love (especially to those who challenge us in life!) is wonderfully uplifting and energising, because these kinds of thoughts are lighter and freer than the heavier critical or judgemental thoughts. For me, the most beautiful part about this practice, or by simply sending love through thought, is that I can do it to all the people I come into contact with, and that no-one knows.


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